Presentation Guidelines


The official language of the conference is English.
All presentation including discussion and submissions shall be made in English.


The length of the talks is

• plenary lecture (35 min. + 5 min. questions)

• key note lecture (25 min. + 5 min. questions)

• invited speaker (20 min. + 5 min. questions)

• Oral communication (12 in + 3 min. questions)

PCs equipped with MS Power Point and Acrobat Reader are available in the conference rooms.
Authors are kindly requested to upload their presentations in the Speakers’ Corner located in each meeting room at least 2 hours before the beginning of the session.

Only for the morning session of July 1st , authors will upload their presentations on June 30th at Eolian Milazzo Hotel, as soon as the secretariat desk will be open.

IT support is available to assist the speakers. Presentations may be delivered on USB flash drives, external hard or solid state drivers.
Please save all files associated with the presentation (PowerPoint files, movies/video files etc.) to one folder location. Always make a backup copy of your presentation and save it on a different portable disk or medium than the original presentation. Please note that DVD-RAM and Blue-Ray Disc drives are not available.

The use of personal PC is not permitted.
Presentations sent by email will not be accepted.


Admitted poster size A0 format
Wide: cm 84,1 (33,11″)
High: 118,9 cm (46,81″)

You can post up your poster on the poster panel from the morning of July 1st, in the assigned board (see your poster number in the program).
Please note that your poster should be prepared well in advance. There will be no time or materials available for last minute preparations at the conference.
Plastic tape will be provided to attach your posters to the boards.
Please remove your poster at the end of the conference on July 3rd or it will be discarded.